Aureobasidium Beta Glucan for Immunsystem Research made in Japan

Kitasato Institute

at the medical center Kitasato University The safety and immunostimulating effects of Beta-glucan from black yeast, Aureobasidium species. Information obtained from reputable research institutes. Helps increase product reliability on a global scale

Kitasato University (北里大学, Kitasato Daigaku)

Kitasato University (北里大学Kitasato Daigaku ) It is a private medical university headquartered in Shirokane Mi Nato, Tokyo, Japan. The head of the university is located on the Shirokane campus, close to the original Kitasato Institute, which was the first private medical research center in Japan. This was the beginning of the university in its present form. Kitasato University is ranked by Times Higher Education as one of the best 350 universities in Asia.

The school is named after Kitasato Shibasaburō. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1901.

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Satoshi. Ōmura Professor of Kitasato University

Important educational facilities are in Sagamihara Campus, which is 60 km west of central Tokyo. Schools include the School of Medicine, School of Allied Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy Studies, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, School of Marine Sciences, School of Nursing. and Faculty of Science