Aureobasidium Beta Glucan for Immunsystem Research made in Japan

Aureo Factory

Beta Glucan Production Factory

Clean and modern production facility Certified by the Japanese government with a production capacity of 100 million packets per year. Aureo Co., Ltd. (Kazusa) is located in a biotechnology production area. The mountainous plain area of Chiba Prefecture

GMP production standards in Japan

Beta glucan research and development continue.

Beta Glucan Joint Research Institute Aureobasidium

Characteristics of beta glucan from black yeast Aureobasidium species

Beta-glucan from black yeast is produced using a culture method developed by a unique biotechnology. And does not go through the chemical purification process. or any extraction There is only one process used: heat sterilization. Therefore, beta glucan from black yeast is a natural, unprocessed and highly safe dietary supplement.

Black Yeast

Black yeast is a type of microorganism that exists in nature. Produce beta glucan outside of its own cells during the fermentation process. At Aureo, black yeast is grown under special controlled conditions. and our unique biotechnology Only change the heat level. Black yeast then produces beta-glucan. without going through a chemical process or any purification Black yeast has water-soluble properties. and easily dissolves in water Beta glucan in gel form Rich in minerals and vitamin C Therefore it is safe and gentle on the body.