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Questions about beta glucan

❯ What is beta glucan?
Beta glucan is a type of polysaccharide compound. It is dietary fiber that helps in the digestive and excretory system. Beta glucan is composed of glucose, which is a single molecule sugar. Glucan or glucose is divided into alpha glucan and beta glucan.'s "Maho" product is a beta substance extracted from black yeast, also known as "beta glucan from black yeast" with beta 1,3 -1,6 glucan structure. Glucose is the smallest single molecule sugar that the body can immediately convert into energy. Sucrose is a bimolecular sugar commonly used in cooking. Polysaccharides is composed of single-molecule sugar, which is derived from 10 or more molecules found in carbohydrates such as glucan, pectin, or dextrin (a type of carbohydrate compound), etc.
❯ Where is beta glucan found?
Beta glucan exists in some plants such as mushrooms, various medicinal vegetables (ginseng, licorice, etc.), yeast (black yeast, bread yeast, etc.) and filamentous mold. Beta glucan from black yeast is produced by a special kind of cultivation, which black yeast creates pure beta glucan dietary fiber with 1,3-1,6 structures in gel form.
❯ What is the difference between beta glucan from black yeast and mushroom?
Beta glucan from black yeast and from mushrooms have the same 1,3 -1,6 glucan structure. Mushrooms are herbs with many nutrients and benefits, and one of those substances is beta glucan. Even though consumers who eat mushrooms will receive beta glucan. But it will be obtained in a smaller amount than eating beta glucan from black yeast. And in some cases, people may have allergic reactions to certain substances in the mushrooms. Therefore, those who consume beta glucan from black yeast will receive 100% pure beta glucan without any side effects.
❯ Who should take beta glucan?

Beta glucan from black yeast is the "nondrug" health supplement provided in the gel form, which is easy to eat.
So, anyone can eat it to maintain their health, especially allergic and infected patients, including patients who undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, as well as those at risk of heart disease and able to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it delays premature aging from pollution, UV rays, and toxins contaminated in food, and it can also be used on animals to quickly recover from illness.

❯ Time and dosage of taking beta glucan.
At least 2-3 sachets of beta glucan should be taken daily. Normally, Maho (beta glucan) can be taken at any time. But to maintain the efficiency of beta glucan, it should be taken on an empty stomach, in the morning or before bed to get the best results. Due to waking up time in the morning, the stomach and intestinal system don't work as hard to digest food. Beta glucan is absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and stimulates the immune system well. Before bedtime, when the body is resting, various cellular systems, including the immune system are fully functional. Beta glucan enhances the immune system's ability to fight pathogens. It also prevents the formation of free radicals from overworking body cells.
❯ What does beta glucan smell and taste like?
Because it is free from artificial color and odor impurities, it has no smell and taste, so it can easily be taken. It tastes a little sour and almost tasteless, smells like coconut oil as its natural scent from black yeast.
❯ Can beta glucan be used for cooking?
Beta glucan is highly heat resistant without losing its nutrition, so it can be used in cooking. Also, it has no odor or taste, the smell and flavor of food will not be changed. In addition, the gel-like appearance makes the food smoother and softer. We can use beta glucan to all types of cooking, such as boiling, steaming, stir-frying, cooking rice, and making soup.
❯ Does beta glucan cause side effects?
Beta-glucan from black yeast is naturally derived and is not a medicine, so it does not cause any side effects.
❯ Can beta glucan be taken with regular medications?
Beta glucan from black yeast is a dietary fiber compound, so it will not cause harm to health. It can be taken with drugs like other types of food. For reassurance, consulting the doctor is recommended.
❯ What is the effect of eating Maho (beta glucan) along with drinking milk?
The main component of milk is protein. It will coat the walls of the stomach and intestines, which blocks the absorption of Maho (beta glucan). If you want to drink milk, you should take 1-2 hours from taking Maho (beta glucan).
❯ Can beta glucan be taken during pregnancy?
Beta glucan from black yeast is a nutrient rich polysaccharide compound that is safe for fetuses.
❯ Can babies eat Maho (beta glucan from black yeast)?
Beta glucan is a nutrient rich polysaccharide. Its main components are water, beta glucan, and vitamin C. As its dietary fiber characteristics, it does not cause any harmful effects to babies, especially in weaned ones. (Giving beta glucan to babies depends on the consideration of parents).
❯ Is beta glucan safe and reliable?
Beta glucan from black yeast has been certified by Kitasato Institute, the well-known independent institution for vaccines and immunity, which has analyzed the molecular structure of substances contained in beta glucan under the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan.
❯ How to preserve
Storing in a cool, dry place, avoiding sunlight, humidity, and high temperature is recommended. Since the production process, no additives or preservatives are added, it should be taken in one serving. The sachets that have been opened but have not yet been used up, be recommended to keep them sealed in the refrigerator and should be taken within 7 days.
❯ Does beta glucan contain contaminated allergens?
Beta glucan contains Aureobasidium black yeast and nutritious vitamin C. You can be assured that there are no any irritants or contaminants.

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