Aureobasidium Beta Glucan for Immunsystem Research made in Japan

Beta glucan research and development.

There are many academic papers published on beta-glucan. Including the report of a research group from Harvard University. and more than 17,000 documents from the United States. Aureo founded “Aureo Science” in the Business Spring of Hokkaido University. in March 2010, which is the basic research department that aims for high quality research on beta-glucan We are committed to continuous research and development. in cooperation with universities and research institutes To present work at conferences and publish academic documents. both in Japan and abroad

Safety investigation of beta-glucan from black yeast Aureobasidium species.

In research, black yeast species Aureobasidium We focus especially on security audits. Not just in our own research department. but also other organizations To evaluate quality from various perspectives and ensure the safety of Aureo’s healthy foods.

Research to promote the health of animals and living things


Beta-glucan from black yeast, Aureobasidium species. It not only helps promote good health of humans. but also animals (pets) and all living things With cooperation from the Department of Livestock Development Dairy farmer aquarium, etc. We carry out continuous research. We have also received patents from various research projects. We will continue to develop to create “Life and health” of humans and living things

In June 2014, beta-glucan was researched and developed for the prevention and treatment of mastitis in cattle.

Beta glucan research is carried out in collaboration with reliable institutions.

Beta-glucan from the black yeast strain Aureobasidium is of high quality, reliable and safe. Quality of beta glucan It is not only proven from “Sound of happiness” received only from customers but also includes quality assessment by each institution.

Kitasato Institute

At the medical center Kitasato University The safety and immunostimulating effects of Beta-glucan from black yeast, Aureobasidium species. Information obtained from reputable research institutes. Helps increase product reliability on a global scale

Hokkaido University

At the Human and Animal Infectious Disease Research Center Hokkaido University It has been proven that The combination of Beta-glucan and EF lactic acid-producing bacteria is beneficial in protecting against new strains of influenza. The results of this research are an interesting topic. In the news program of NHK News, a national television program and articles in various newspapers

Toray Research Center

There are several types of beta glucan. It depends on how the molecule is captured. From the analysis of the Toray Research Center which is a world-leading research center found that Structure of beta 1,3-1,6 glucan from black yeast, Aureobasidium species. It has been confirmed to be the best structure of beta glucan. that helps enhance health

Japan Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases

Japan Association of Adult Preventive Medicine It is a medical organization founded in 1987 by 6,600 medical professionals. Aureo’s main product beta-glucan is certified and recommended by this association, which is subject to strict verification procedures such as product standards. and safety