Therapeutic agent for influenza virus infection – Japan (Patent No. 5560472)

Country of RegistrationJapan
Patent No.No. 5560472
Registration DateJune 20, 2014

Aureobasidium (black yeast) culture medium (hereafter referred to as “Aureo culture medium”) and influenza drugs (especially Tamiflu®) were tested to see if they were effective in combination.

After infection with the influenza virus, the survival rate of mice was 50% when Tamiflu® alone was administered, but the survival rate was as high as 75% in the group that received Tamiflu® in combination with the Aureo culture medium. These results proved that the combination of the influenza treatment and the Aureo culture medium was effective in reducing the severity of the disease. Furthermore, it was confirmed that 75% of the group that was administered the combination of Aureo culture fluid and EF lactic acid bacteria survived in good health without any side effects.

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