Constipation-improving agent – Japan (Patent No. 4054697)

Country of RegistrationJapan
Patent No.No. 4054697
Registration DateDecember 14, 2007

We tested whether a combination of Aureobasidium (black yeast) culture fluid (hereafter referred to as “Aureo culture fluid”), which is a soluble dietary fiber, and EF lactobacilli is effective in improving constipation.

Ten subjects with constipation improved the frequency of defecation from an average of 2.8 times before drinking to 5.1 times when Aureobasidium culture fluid and EF lactobacilli were used in combination.

From this result, it was recognized that the intake of the combination product of Aureo culture fluid and EF lactobacilli improves the intestinal environment and has the effect of improving constipation.