Compositions for promoting hematopoietic function and for preventing and/or improving anemia – Japan (Patent No. 6293187)

Country of RegistrationJapan
Patent No.No. 6293187
Registration DateFebruary 23, 2018

We tested whether Aureobasidium culture medium (Aureobasidium culture medium) improves hematopoietic function and prevents or improves anemia.

Ten male and female subjects in their 20s were orally administered Aureobasidium culture medium, and blood samples were taken four months later to examine the state of their blood.

As a result, MCV (mean corpuscular volume), which indicates the size of red blood cells, increased significantly within the normal range. The results of the study showed that the new (young) red blood cells in the blood may be useful for preventing and improving microcytic anemia (iron deficiency anemia, secondary anemia).